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"Anna has, without exaggeration, changed my life."
-Wil T.

About Trish Crawley, CMT

Trish is a certified massage therapist and a life-long student of the human body. She combines intuition and deep anatomical knowledge to help people release deep, often life-long pain and holding patterns. Pulling from a deep well of multidisciplinary knowledge, Trish aims to quickly identify the core issues an individual is facing and then create a plan to address them. Her work is focused, detailed, and results-oriented. One of the core tenants of her work is her deep belief in the power of the mind and nervous system to help the body get un-stuck. She skillfully weaves the principles of somatic experiencing in her work with all her clients.

In addition to helping people resolve specific musculoskeletal issues and chronic pain, Trish also works with individuals who have experienced trauma in their lives, as well as people facing life threatening illness, those in hospice care, and their caretakers. This touch-oriented approach to trauma is unique in the field and can offer deeper, more profound opportunities for healing than talk therapy alone. Trish believes that all people should have access to this kind of care, and donates all her gratuities to providing this service for those in need.