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"Anna has, without exaggeration, changed my life."
-Wil T.

About Beth Bouffard, L.Ac MSTCM

From an early age I was drawn to being a doctor. I don’t know exactly when I decided that would be my path, but as an undergrad at NYU I was majoring in anthropology and on the pre-med track. However, as I learned more about how the world works, what leads to sickness, and where my particular interests lay, I decided that was not the path for me.

For several years after leaving school, I worked in restaurants to support myself while focusing on building community and creating social change as ways to bring healing to individuals and the world.

At some point, I looked around the communities I was part of and saw that many people did not have access to health care that empowered them to make positive choices about their health. I started reading all I could get my hands on
about different models of health care and preventative medicine. As soon as I read my first Chinese medicine book I was hooked. The philosophy of the medicine resonated deeply with me and the artistry in the language, theory, and practice of it captured my imagination.

I studied shiatsu at the San Francisco School of massage, then continued studies in Asian bodywork at the Acupressure Institute in Berkeley. From there I got a job performing bodywork in an acupuncture clinic with Dr. Angela Wu. Dr.
Wu’s style of relating to and empowering her patients and her emphasis on diet and life style changes as part of a successful treatment plan were inspirational to me in many ways.

I decided to intensify my study of Chinese medicine by pursuing a Master’s degree in Traditional Chinese Medicine at the Academy of Chinese Culture and Health Sciences (ACCHS) in Oakland. While studying there I met Liu Ming, a local
teacher of Chinese medicine, meditation, diet, astrology, and cosmology whom I studied with for many years until his passing in 2015.

I believe that health means living fully in our bodies and in touch with the cyclical changes of the world around us. Healing is a matter of finding ways to connect with and respond to the messages our body and environment are sending us. When this happens we can fully experience and express our humanity. I aim to support people in connecting to the inherent wisdom of their bodies and Nature so their own natural healing ability and rhythms emerge.